The topics dealt with here are not happy topics.  This is horrible stuff — stuff that makes people upset, really upset.  Many continue to be in denial about the state of America.  This blog may cause friends and family to think you have lost it.  Yet, the truth is people need to wake up to what is happening in America.  Instead, people are invested in America being one of the good guys -- if only it was true.
The premise of this blog is America is doomed — doomed — that means there is no hope.  It is going down and there is no escape.  America is totally corrupt as the infrastructure and power of the country pursues money.   There is no regard for people, environment, future generations, or anything other than money.  Money has no ultimate value — it is the silly way mankind, particularly American capitalism, has decided to keep score.
Without money, you are nothing in today’s America.  Apart from a means of support — usually ..
Voting Against Gun Background Checks Disqualifies People for Elected Office
Monday, April 29, 2013 | 0 Comments
ogeekAny elected official who voted against background checks should not ever hold a public office. This vote demonstrates the person is way more concerned about special interest groups than the people he is supposed to represent.

After the US Senate voted against background checks for purchasing guns, some senators approval ratings dropped.  However, they didn't drop nearly enough because 90% of Americans think there should be background checks.
What kind of an idiot would a person have to be to vote against background checks for persons wanting to buy a gun. Right now, a person can be on the no-fly list at that airport and not allowed to get on a plane.  However, on his way home, he can buy 50 pounds of gun power without any background check.
This country is crazy beyond crazy not to require rigorous background checks.

Children being killed by guns means nothing to many of our elected representativves.  They are way more concerned about being elected and having the dirty, bloody money of lobbyists like the National Rifle Association.

Anybody who is a member of the NRA should be voted against.  The NRA advocates terrorism with their policies of unrestricted guns.  

America is Doomed.

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Capitalism Kills More than Terrorism
Friday, April 19, 2013 | 0 Comments
ogeekIn the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Boston and the capitalist terrorism in Texas, there is an opportunity to compare who are the best killers.

The award to killing-and-injurying-more-people goes to the good capitalists in Texas that saw many more deaths and injuries when the fertilizer plant blew up.  

The terrorism attack in Boston killed fewer people and injured less by far.

Obviously, both of these events are tragic and the terrorists in Boston are horrible people who should pay dearly for their crimes.

But, let's not forget that the people responsible for safety violations that resulted in the fertilizer plant blowing up in Texas -- the home of rules-don't-apply-to-us -- should be tried in the same way as the terrorists in Boston.

Capitalism kills people everyday.  At the hospitals - where greed is more important than health care.  At the workplace - where greed is more important than safety.  At the schools - where greed to make guns is more important than the safety of first graders.

Capitalism is about greed and fertilizer doesn't kill people, people do.

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When There Are No Jobs -- Or Jobs Not Worth Taking -- Start Your Own Company
Sunday, April 14, 2013 | 1 Comments
ogeekThere is a massive unemployment problem in America -- no surprise to many. But contrary to what you have been told, not every job is worth taking; in fact, taking the wrong job can be a big mistake.

As part of the mythology of America, people will declare they would do anything to avoid taking a handout from anybody.  This may seem admirable at first, but the sad reality is taking a crummy job can result in a life long dance with poverty.

Smart young people with college degrees are taking lame jobs that require no more skills than a sixth grade education.  Of course, these people are desperate because the America Dream is dead and they need a job.  But this is not a good long term strategy. 

Instead, young people who have educated themselves to careers need to pursue those careers and not settle for the meaningless existence of low paid jobs.

For many people, starting a company is the best approach.  Team up with other skilled young people and start a company together.  It can be a non profit and we all know there is tons of stuff that need solving in screwed up America.  Launch a non profit to battle the big corporations.

Young people have a great asset that they may not know about -- they are judgment proof.  That means that they have no money.  So, they can just about ignore any civil lawsuit against them from some big corporations. What can be gained from suing somebody without any money?  As long as young people don't break a criminal law, they are good to go.  

Attack the very employers who have screwed up the world.  For example, 

Exxon Hates Your Children

Clearly, Exxon hates children because they are more concerned with making money than the world they will leave to the children.  Get in their face -- expose them for exactly what they are.

But Exxon is hardly the only evil out there ... look around -- WalMart -- another company who values money over people.  One big company after another -- Chase Bank.

And the list goes on and on.  Find one you are passionate about and go create yourself a job while you are doing some good work in the world.  Take your youth and your education, and do something in the world to make it a better place.

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